Clay has more than 20 years in logistic while operating a small business in the logistic and customs broker industry within the Caribbean. His professional life began as a customs broker where he developed his business skills, while keeping an eye out for new opportunities. Clay is an avid outdoor adventurer, he has held numerous executive positions in a volunteer motorsport club with a focus on safety over the years. His move from the Caribbean to North America was initiated by his drive to find new business ventures and explore other cultures. While settling with his family in the new environment and learning the new routines, he recognized multiple opportunities existed for passive income by using technology and jumped straight into launching his business. After much research and dedication in the passive income space, he decided to give back some of his experience and knowledge to assist others who are also interested in reaping the rewards of passive income. Clay is married with one child and currently lives in Canada.

How to build a website with WordPress on Bluehost

Simple instructions for building a wordpress website Making money online is achievable, but succeeding at this endeavor requires the right approach. So let’s jump right into a few things that are key to making this happen. Building your first website First off, choose a domain name. Take some time to think about this since your …

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