What Is Tailwind?

What is Tailwind? Tailwind is an online marketing tool that easily integrates with both your Pinterest and Instagram accounts allowing you more freedom when it comes to managing them. In short, Tailwind can schedule posts quickly and efficiently as well as optimizing your reach by posting at relevant times.

The service allows users to reach a brand new audience in addition to giving you access to a variety of handy analytic tools to see how your posts are performing.

In short, using Tailwind will boost your reach, improve your sales and help you to manage your social media workload in just a few clicks.

How Does Tailwind Work?

Upon signing up to Tailwind, you will be able to link your Pinterest and Instagram accounts to the service. Many people using these social media platforms for brand marketing find that creating individual posts is time-consuming and monotonous – Tailwind does all the hard work for you!

With one simple and easy to use tool, you will be able to do all of the following:

  • Schedule posts at an optimal time
  • Repeat posts at preset intervals
  • keeping content constantly visible and at the forefront
  • Find relevant content for you to share with your audience
  • Create connections with other Pinners to share content within Tribes
  • Keep track of your content and how it is performing
  • Boost your reach, creating a much wider audience

What Are The Advantages To Using Tailwind?

Quite simply, using the Tailwind marketing tool will free up a lot of your precious time, business owners and bloggers have enough tasks to complete without the added stress of social media marketing. Tailwind gives you the chance to create a whole weeks worth of content in as a little as twenty minutes. Imagine what you could do with that time!

In addition to this Tailwind provides you with a wealth of other advantages:

  • With the Tribes feature, you can reach over 4000 niches
  • Never run out of content again.
  • Have the opportunity to build a spam-free community.
  • Keep that all-important evergreen content at the centre of your brand.



It isn’t difficult to see how Tailwind could be of great advantage to your brand and according to their reports, Instagram users will, on average gain 1.8x the amount of likes and Pinterest users 6.9x more repins than those who do not use the app.

Is There A Free Trial?

If you aren’t 100% convinced that Tailwind is right for your business, they are so confident that you will be pleased with the results that they offer an impressive free trial. Unlike many other websites, the trial isn’t based over a period of time but rather the number of posts you make.

If you are using Pinterest, you will be given 100 free pins to get you started, with Instagram you can expect to receive 30 free posts from the tool.

What’s more, the free trial does not require you to input any credit card details meaning that, if you aren’t completely satisfied, your bank account won’t be charged should you forget to cancel your subscription.

What Is The Monthly Cost?

Once your free trial is over, there is a small monthly fee to continue using the service. However at just $9.99 per month, per account – you can’t go far wrong!

Included in this package you will get the following:

  • One Instagram or Pinterest account
  • Unlimited post scheduling
  • One-click hashtag suggestion – for Instagram
  • 250 smart-loop posts – for Pinterest
  • Smart.bio link custom to you – for Instagram
  • 5 Tribes – for Pinterest

Is Tailwind Worth It?

For the small price you pay each month and the excellent free trial, you certainly get a great bang for your buck with Tailwind. There’s no doubt about it that your audience will expand by using this marketing tool and your life will be made much easier through the ability to schedule posts – and do so as many times as you please.

There is a multitude of marketing tool options but some can get very pricy, Tailwind is much simpler where pricing and transparency is concerned, so is Tailwind worth it? Absolutely!

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