GetResponse-The Best Autoresponder service

There are a lot of email automation services that have come up in the market lately. One such email autoresponder service that stands out from the rest is Get Response. In this piece, we will walk you through some of the amazing features of this email marketing software and why GetResponse is the best autoresponder service.

When it comes to digital marketing, email automation is one of the most popular tools that has been helping businesses meet their marketing goals. The best part about email marketing is that you can set automated campaigns that can send out emails automatically to your intended customer groups.

Key Features of GetResponse Autoresponder Service


1. Incredible Marketing Automation

Getresponse has this amazing feature that lets the users build custom workflows based on the interaction of the customers. You can set the actions on the autoresponders to trigger messages based on specific actions of the recipients. You can also personalize the messages to get more conversions than you could with generic email campaigns. Apart from that, the segmentation tools that come with GetResponse allow the user to divide customers into groups and subgroups so that email messages can be tailored accordingly.

2. Landing Page Building Tool

With GetResponse you get an extremely user-friendly and highly intuitive landing page builder that helps you to build landing pages that have a very high response rate. When you’re marketing your business you can build a page whenever you need to, wether for sales, product brochure downloads, webinars, about us page, in a matter of a few clicks. You can also test and optimize the pages so that you increase your chances of conversion.

3. In-Depth Reporting Tools

The reporting capabilities that you get with GetResponse are simply amazing. The level of detail you get in the reporting is impeccable. The dashboard gives you a quick and brief overview of everything that is happening with your email automation and responses. There is an email analytics section that provides deeper insight and detail on how your email campaigns are performing. The reporting has line and bar graphs, pie charts and all the data you need from an email marketing platform. Apart from that, you can also view which of the email list subscribers performed some action.

4. Webinar Integration

Your Webinar platform from GetResponse integrates with the email marketing platform which allows businesses to host product demos, announcements and training for customers. The features include a chat facility, presentation and desktop sharing and VoIP management. Plus you get an option for the webinars to be password-protected.

5. Autofunnel


GetResponse distinguishes itself by integrating all the features in one email marketing tool and creating a Seamless funnel that converts a lead to a customer. GetResponse specializes in providing you with the Autofunnel option that helps you get everything you need to quickly convert a potential customer to a successful sale.

6. Attractive Pricing

Cost is one consideration for businesses to invest in email marketing tools. GetResponse’s price is more attractive than similar software systems.The basic plan is available at as low as $10.46 per month and then there is the Plus ($34.15), Professional ($69.00) and the Enterprise ($839) plans. So, if you look at the pricing, it is extremely affordable. If you are just starting your business you can go ahead with the basic or the plus options, and if you are a big enterprise already, the Enterprise plan is the one for you. There is a 30-day free trial on all plans.


7. Ease of Implementation

This is another feature that is a winner with GetResponse. Since the solution is cloud-based, the implementation and integration of the product with the customer’s current infrastructure and technology is seamless. This platform can integrate with over 200 applications in CRM, social, eCommerce, and CMS, that include Shopify, Salesforce, and WordPress.

8. Customer Service

GetResponse is known for its great customer service that has won many accolades. The company has an email and a live chat support facility. There is a comprehensive knowledge base that can help the users with videos, tutorials, webinars and downloadable documents for any issue or purpose they need.


With all the amazing features at play, GetResponse is certainly the email marketing software you should choose if you wish to see your potential customers transforming into permanent customers. Start by going to their sales page and send an enquiry or simply sign up and get started.

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