There’s sometimes a struggle with the concept of starting a work from home business. This is something you always wanted to do but was uncertain if this was right for you. There’re many benefits of working from home, in this post we will explore some of the benefits.

The Time Factor

Time is lost working away from home, especially if you commute in peak hours traffic. I know someone that has a 2 hours commute everyday to work, making it 4 hours per day wasted on traveling. This is equivalent to you spending just over eight days per year in traffic,wow! that’s crazy!

Being gone over 10 hours per day has a negative impact on your family. The kids are the ones that usually suffer the most because there is not enough time to spend with their parents. When you work at home, you don’t need to leave for work until its time to begin work. No commute is required, and when you’re done with work you can leave and be home immediately. These are some major benefits of working from home


Working from home allows more family time.

The life of a household with two working parent can be extreamely busy. Getting home from work to turn right around and head to swimming, baseball practice or music lessons can be overwhelming, not to mention helping with homework and preparing meals.

When you work from home, you are already there. When it’s time to head to baseball practice, you simply shut down for the day, or sometimes you might be able to bring your work with you.

Scheduling afterschool activities and play dates will no longer be a problem and you will be there to provide transportation, supervision or both.This would be very difficult to accomplish with a daily four hours commute.

Cash Flow

Work from home and spend less

You can save money by working at home, because you don’t have to pay full-time daycare depending on the age of your children. There is no commute so you will save on gas thereby increasing your net income.

Even if you do meet with clients, do parties or work partly outside the home, you can have a simpler wardrobe. With fewer work pieces you can dress very casually if you work at home. One other huge benefit is eating lunch at home which leads to more savings.

Standard Of Living

Not everyone can claim that working at home gives them a better quality of life. That is due to the fact that working at home isn’t for everyone, however if you think it might be for you its important to consider that your quality of life might improve.

Ultimately, working from home offers more flexibility, if the kids get sick you can be there for them. If you get sick, you can take the day off. If you want to take the day off its completely up to you. For people who like to work at nights, working from home is ideal because you can work through the night and sleep late the next morning.

There are many benefits in working from home. Consider what’s important to you so as to achieve your goals.

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  1. This is very a interesting topic on Working from Home and I would love to work from because of the many advantage it provides especially for a single parent who is trying get so many things done in a day. I support Working from Home 100 percentage.

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