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credit card debt

Credit Card Debt

Over the years getting out of credit card debt has been a big challenge, even with simple solutions we’re still unable to free ourselves of this burden. We continue to play the blame game. Blaming everyone but ourselves. The moment you are able to look in the mirror and sincerely state it’s my fault, only then you will be able to start turning things around. Others have done it, so can you! Take responsiblity. In this article we will discuss some simple strategy to help with paying off your credit card debt.

Paying Off Credit Card

In order to accumulate wealth we must overcome this obstacle. Knowing where your money needs to go, you will realize that the debt must be first. Regardless of how difficult this is,if you are really serious about turning things around a proactive approach is absolutely necessary.

A good strategy is to pay the card that has the highest interest first followed by the ones with lower interest. Always pay more than the minimum payment. Have a clear list of things that will cover your monthly disbursement in the order of importance and need. Ward off the enticement of purchasing things you are able to live without and centre on building your emergency saving.

Stop adding new charges and cut back on unnecessary spending. This is the most benificial thing you can do in order to wipe out your credit card debt. Adjusting your financial priority should be your chief concern.


This strategy is designed to help you reduce debt in a sligtly different way.We are not talking about just making minimum payment. Here’s how it works,by sending micro payments,which may be literally be a couple of dollars,over time adds up to big balance decreases. Everytime you get more than a couple of dollars in your hand send it to your credit card company, this will reduce your old balance. To make this clear,we are talking about payments as small as two dollars. If you have it just parked it in the bank you are going to spend it.

Individuals often ignore the power of little amounts and compounding effect. Compounding effect goes to work in the same principle behind the story of the ant that was able to move a mountain a grain of sand at a time.Your little efforts might not look like they’re denting your balance but over time the result will be nothing short of amazing.

Capitalize on windfall,once you get in the habit of paying multiple times, payment will come to mind if a windfall hits your wallet. Build up good payment habits and seeing your balance decreases will help you keep centred and also build a sense of achievement.


Reduce your debt! cut it

There will be sacrifices before we can acheive a statement with zero balance. One strategy for reducing credit card debt,suggested by financial planners,is to freeze your card in a block of ice. You would be forced to dissolve the ice giving you a second chance to think about an impulse purchase. An even more benefIcial solution is to cut up your card totally so you cannot charge anything else. It makes no sense drilling fresh holes in the bottom of your boat if you’re trying to stay afloat.


Find a way to bring in extra income and if possible discontinue some of your montly subscription services. Use that aditional cash flow to pay down your debt. There’s absolutely nothing you cannot achieve if you centre yourself and are willing to take on the sacrifice necessary to accomplish your goals. Paying off your credit card debt is achievable if you follow the steps outlined.

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The average credit card debt in the United States as of April 2018 according to value penguin stood at $9333


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