Dreams of long walk on the Beach

Having a job is great but trading your time for some measly hourly rate just ain’t cutting it.
Dreams you had about taking long leisurely walk on that exotic beach or exploring some uncharted destination was slowly slipping away.


There you sit in your cubicle staring at the clock and trying to justify this nine to five.
We constantly struggle to make ends meet while refusing to take the first step towards financial freedom, however, we will use our down time to watch 3 seasons of whatever is trending on Netflix.
Don’t get me wrong, we all need to unwind at some point but if we are going to change our reality we need to change our mindset.
Taking that first step is sometimes the most difficult part because there isn’t a road map for you to follow ,or is it?
Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from home and can be very lucrative.

Make money from home

Before we get into it, lets lay down some ground rules and do some house cleaning.This is an excellent starting point.
With a clean surrounding you will feel motivated and empowered.
Start with your desk! This will serve as a reminder of your goals.
Spend on what you need not on what you want.
You don’t need that 70”television
Don’t try to outdo your neighbors, your car has only seventy thousands miles and still take you
from point A to point B without an issue.
That bracelet surely has a sparkle but putting it on your credit card is never a good idea. Creditcards could be the single most destructive component of you not reaching financial freedom.
Take responsibility, don’t expect others to fix your life!
Ok, let’s start with those, we will call them the foundation for our soon to be financial empire.

Affiliate marketing

Let’s look at affiliate marketing.What is affiliate marketing and how does affiliate market works?

Affiliate marketing is simply an agreement between a merchant and a middleman (the affiliate)to send him prospective customers to buy goods or services.
This is normally a performance based agreement whereas the middle man (the affiliate) only gets pay if the prospective customer buys said goods or services.

Will affiliate market work for you?

In my estimations this is a solid opportunity to make money online.This could be the cornerstone for your work from home project. I cannot promise you that it will be a walk in the park.Actually it will take a fair amount of effort to
set up but once you learn the ropes it gets a lot easier.
Affiliate marketing allows you to earn passive income.With the right setup this could earn you money while you sleep, or better yet, while you take that long leisure walk on the beach.


ClickBank is the largest market place for digital products and the great thing is anyone can become a ClickBank affiliate regardless of your geographical location!
Yes, you heard me right anywhere! As long as you have access to a computer and an internetconnection

Step 1.visit ClickBank website and open an account it’s free.
Enter your personal information.
You will be asked to enter your banking information.

Step 2. Payment options
Payments are done by direct deposits if you are eligible, if not, it is posted every two weeks to the address you provided.also you should note that ClickBank deducts all the transaction fees.

Step 3.choosing products.
A wide range of products are listed on click bank market place, remember aim for products with payouts no lower than 40 percent to mitigate against the fees deductions
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