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Welcome to Digitalspill:

Digitalspill is an online platform specifying in the creation, curation and promotion of all things in the digital arts realm. Whether it be new tech, digital trends, art/design, music of all styles, and much more. Digitalspill is the all incumbent artistic platform here to serve the many great creators and fans alike out there!

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HUGE shout out to @Spotify for adding me to their "cute beats" playlist. Honored to be to next to some of my idol <3

Much love to Ben for asking me to be apart of this series 🌹 https://t.co/dTF8wH2HRS

Knuck if you Buck is the Knuck if you Buck of this generation. https://t.co/XckfjrrhIs

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Twitch, Skits, and a Lunchbox Time Machine // An Interview with Andy Milonakis



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Big Data

Big Data by: Chad Sherman Big Data is a concept that gets thrown around a lot these days, but what exactly is big data and what does it mean for our future as a society. Big data is essentially a compilation of extremely large aggregate data sets that reveal patterns, trends, etc. about whatever the …